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Suncatchers / Cazador-del-sol from artYful…

…nourishing harmony & bringing sunshine into your life.


Absolutely eco-friendly and energy-saving, without electricity or other energy sources, the fluorescent Cazador-del-sol Suncathers transform light energy and thus glows all by themselves. Especially on a rainy, gray day or at dusk the suncatcher is most intense, turning invisible light into visible light.

Mounted on a flexible rod the Cazador-del-sol reacts sensitively to the most gentle breeze and sways softly in the wind. The interplay of warm light and gentle motion create a feeling of peace and harmony.

This simplistic design of the Cazador-del-sol fits easy into any environment. Alone, as an eye catcher or exposed in a group, the suncatchers are ideal to bring a smile to your face wherever they are. Order yours now!